Winter Camp 2015

We had a very nice camp out this past weekend at Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation. We met at the Parish House at 10:00 Saturday morning. Soon were on our way to the camp. Once there and through the check-in, the scouts quickly found their bunks in our cabin, Cabin #4.

After a packed lunch, we took a short hike from our cabin in Camp Somers to the Kent Center in Camp Wheeler passing a troop of scouts tenting in this 10 degree weather.

At the Kent Center we shot BB Guns and arrows under the guidance and control of Tom Stoddard. Tom would articulate instructions to our sons and if they forgot them, the building was filled with his voice reminding them to stay behind that line or asking who told them they could touch that gun. As the session continued, he help and kind words of encouragement would get him hugs as we left. During the session, we saw the sharp shooter in John Tate and most improved in Mikey Lepore.

Here are some photos from the Kent Center.

After walking back to our cabin, the Bear den worked on their Whittling Chit as a fire was built and our Chessy Mac dinner was being prepared in the dutch ovens.

With full bellies, we watch a video on the back stories of starry constellations. You may even get an answer if you ask someone about why the Scorpion constellation seems to be always chasing Orion. Following the video it was time for to brave the chill and roast marshmallows for s’mores, but somehow they didn’t seem to complain. While outside, they also got to look through a telescope and identify multiple constellations.

The scouts got to warm up around the wood burning stove and then wind-down watching Robin Williams in the movie, Flubber.

This morning, we experimented with “hot chocolate” pancakes and sausages as we resupplied the wood we used, clean-up and left for the frozen roads that lay in front of us.

Achievements: All earned BB Gun and Archery Beltloops and most earned Astronomy as well. The Bears, as mentioned, worked on their Whittling Chit.

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